CARICC: Enhancing Inter-Regional Counternarcotic Cooperation

On the 20 th of September 2018, the first regular session of the CARICC National Coordinators Council was held in Almaty under the chairmanship of Kazakhstan.  Mr. Grigory Pustovitov, CARICC Director, informed the Council of the results achieved by the Center within the first year of his leadership.  He noted that the Center received positive feedback from the member states and other partners in regard to the operations and projects CARICC facilitates; such as Regional Operation "Reflex" on countering new psychoactive substances, Regional Operation "Substitute" on countering the illicit trafficking of precursor chemicals and the recently launched Regional Programme for the System-Wide Fight Against Organized Drug-Related Crime by Weakening its Financial Resources (CARICC). Director Pustovitov assured the participants that CARICC will continue taking all efforts to effectively serve the countries through the implementation of current and new initiatives.  

CARICC Council noted the growing importance of the Center as a unique platform for cooperation and coordination of national, regional and international competent authorities and organizations that have a counternarcotic mandate.  

In her opening speech, Ms. Ashita Mittal, UNODC Regional Representative for Central Asia, noted that CARICC is a cornerstone of the UNODC Programme for Central Asia and a key implementing partner in the region that brings together various counterparts under its flag. She assured the participants of the meeting that UNODC stands firmly committed to provide continued comprehensive support to CARICC. Ms. Mittal expressed appreciation to the Government of Kazakhstan for its continuing support and welcomed the recent financial contribution from the Russian Federation. She urged the member states to join the efforts of Kazakhstan and Russia.

In its decision, CARICC National Coordinators Council endorsed the observer status of the Gulf Cooperation Council's Criminal Information Centre to Combat Drugs on Counternarcotic Cooperation at CARICC aimed to enhance inter-regional counternarcotic cooperation. Council further supported and commissioned the CARICC Expert Working Group on the improvement of the CARICC Regulatory Framework to continue its work on drafting of the required regulatory documents for better capacity and long-term sustainability of the Center.

The next regular meeting of the CARICC member States National Coordinators Council will be held in December 2018 in the premises of CARICC in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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