Police and communities join forces to prevent crime in Kyrgyzstan

Crime prevention is a key priority for UNODC support to Central Asian countries. Within the framework of its Programme for Central Asia 2015-2019, UNODC supports the implementation of evidence-based crime prevention strategies, in particular at the community level.

In Kyrgyzstan, local crime prevention plans are currently in place in 14 towns and municipalities.  These plans are based on inclusive and participatory dialogue platforms facilitated by UNODC. In some of the targeted locations UNODC has also provided technical assistance in order to improve police presence.

In August 2016, together with counterparts from the Ministry of Interior, local dignitaries and citizens, UNODC inaugurated 3 new police stations - in the Oktyabr village not far from the capital Bishkek, and in Kulundu and Uch-Korgon, villages on the border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the southern Batken province. The related construction works and procurement of new furniture and equipment, worth over 225,000USD, were completed with funding provided by the UN Peace Building Fund.

During the public events held in each village, local crime prevention plans were officially presented to the population. These plans address priority crime and safety issues, such as cattle theft, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, road safety and the risk of religious radicalization, which were identified by the people in the villages themselves.

Implementation of local crime prevention plans is currently underway with funding from local State budgets and support  provided by external donors. The village of Uch Korgon, where UNODC refurbished one of the police stations, is a particularly inspiring example. Local authorities have already allocated more than 40,000USD for the implementation of the crime prevention plans. Among others, this has  resulted in the construction of new sports facilities, including football pitch and a basketball court. A new playground for children is also foreseen. This will considerably improve conditions for active engagement of otherwise isolated children and youth in sports and other structured leisure in their multi-ethnic community.

UNODC will continue to promote such initiatives in Kyrgyzstan during the years to come and actively support capacity development on crime prevention in the Central Asia region within the framework of its Programme for Central Asia 2015-2019.