The second phase of the regional controlled delivery field exercises with the participation of law enforcement agencies from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan was successfully organized in the framework of the UNODC project "Assistance in Developing Controlled Delivery Techniques" in close coordination with CARICC. The first phase of the exercises was conducted in October 2008 with participation of Tajik, Uzbek, Kazakh and Kyrgyz law enforcement agencies. With the initiative of CARICC, a trafficking scenario was developed along the route Iran-Azerbaijan border-Baku-Aktau (via Caspian Sea). In order to make the exercises more realistic, a commercial track was the subject of surveillance. Participating parties provided staff, technical equipment, vehicles as well as specialized equipment necessary for the operation which was conducted from 24 to 28 August 2009.

The exercise aimed to uncover an international route of illicit drug trafficking from Iran through CIS countries to Europe or China and intercept the transnational criminal group operating on this route. This was accomplished through the organization of undercover surveillance using the technical and human resources of competent bodies of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan and conducting operational analysis of received materials during the operation for further joint development of the case.