Transnational organized crime campaign

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Jamaica: Pulling the Plug on Cybercrime

Experts claim that every three seconds, fraud is committed on-line. The biggest challenge for authorities? The victims are in one country…the perpetrators in another. Produced by 21st century.

Environmental crime

Gabon: Elephant Man

For elephants, 2011 was one of the worst ever recorded. They're being slaughtered for their ivory at record rates, African elephants are increasingly the targets of global criminal trafficking networks. 21st Century travel to Central Africa to the frontline of the fight to save these creatures and meet one man who's dedicating his life to their protection. Produced by 21st Century.

Illicit drugs

Guatemala: The War on Drug Violence, Youth Taking Back Control

In Guatemala, the drug war rages on as deadly cartels from neighbouring Mexico set their sights on parts of the country. But many of Guatemala's youth are fighting back, not through violence, but by making their voices heard. Can it make a difference? Produced by 21st Century.

Organized crime

The Maras: A Gang's Reign of Terror

They're called the Maras…A gang identified by their menacing tattoos. Having unleashed a wave of violence across large parts of Central America, their reign of terror is now spreading even further…and leaving thousands fearing for their lives. Produced by 21st Century.

Smuggling of migrants

Mexico: African Migrants

Mexico has long been a haven for poor migrants from Latin America. But this is a story about an unexpected group of people who have travelled much farther in search of a place to call home.  This is where their journey into Mexico begins.... Produced by 21st Century.

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