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 “Your right, your role: Say no to corruption”

This week, on 9 December, is International Anti-Corruption Day. This year’s theme focuses on the rights and responsibilities of everyone in tackling corruption. Please join the global community and say #NoToCorruption! With its mandate deeply rooted in the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the Global Judicial Integrity Network recognizes that judges and members of the judiciary play a crucial role in preventing and countering this crime. For more information on how to join the campaign, please click here.

The Network successfully completes its
Global Survey on Judicial Well-being 

The well-being of judges and members of the judiciary is closely linked to judicial integrity and the ability of judges to perform well and deliver fair justice. 
The Network recently conducted a global survey on the experiences of judges in this area. We are delighted that the response rate was the highest in the history of the Network’s surveys. Please stay tuned for the full survey report, with a sneak peek at the survey results below:

97% of the survey participants think that more prominence should be given to promoting judicial well-being
76% do not have sufficient time to maintain optimal physical and mental well-being
89% know of cases of judicial colleagues experiencing stress, sadness or anxiety

73 jurisdictions worldwide committed as Judicial Ethics Training Sites

We are pleased to welcome the judiciaries of Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Lebanon and Thailand  as the newest training sites for the implementation of the Judicial Ethics Training Tools.
The training tools are available in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Many supplemental resources are also available. Please contact us at if you or your judiciary would like to receive more information about our training programme.

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WEBINAR: Judicial Well-being and Its Implication for Access to Justice

“Judicial well-being and its implications for access to justice and judicial integrity: Experiences and new challenges arising from the global pandemic" was a thought-provoking virtual side event at the 30th session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. All webinars are available here.

PODCAST: Implementing Artificial Intelligence Projects in Judiciaries

Chief Justice Gibbs Salika and Ms. Alison Holt of the Judiciary of Papua New Guinea describe their ongoing digitization efforts in judicial processes, and explore the potential uses of AI to improve efficiency. Enjoy all podcast episodes here. 


Judicial Integrity: An Issue for all Legal Professionals

By David W. Rivkin, Past President of the International Bar Association, and Daniel Aun, a former senior litigation associate at Debevoise & Plimpton. Judicial corruption undermines public confidence in the judicial system. That is precisely why judicial integrity is an issue for all legal professionals. Visit all opinion pieces here.



Training Judges in Judicial Ethics and Conduct against Corruption: A Priority for Judiciaries. 

President of the Judicial Council of Ecuador, Dr. Maria del Carmen Maldonado.
Combating corruption effectively is essential to guarantee human rights, as citizens' confidence in the judicial system, judicial independence and access to fair justice is at stake. The piece is available in Spanish here.

Thematic Resources of the
Global Judicial Integrity Network

The Knowledge Products of the Global Judicial Integrity Network are now available in new languages - with many thanks to the support of different judiciaries. 

If you would like to contribute by providing translations of the knowledge products in the language of your jurisdiction, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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