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UNODC and Africa Young Parliamentarians Network mark International Anti-Corruption Day 2020 

Nairobi, 7 December 2020 - UNODC partnered with the Africa Young Parliamentarians Network to host a hybrid meeting in commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) 2020.

To address the devastating effects of corruption during the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting brought together 30 young parliamentarians and stakeholders from across the continent to discuss and engage on the topic “Keeping the Receipts: Transparency and Accountability during COVID-19”.

The meeting drew inspiration from this year’s IACD global theme – “Recover with integrity”which highlights the importance of addressing corruption during times of crisis to build back better and create more institutions that are transparent.

While some participants attended the event in Nairobi in person, others engaged virtually via teleconference from Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

The vibrant panel discussions centred on the role of young parliamentarians and the youth in general, in combating corruption during the COVID-19 pandemic despite the unique challenges the youth face in times of crisis.

Some of the stakeholders present were civil society organizations such as Transparency International and Mzalendo Trust and representatives of youth groups such as Commonwealth Youth Council and the Africa Youth Commission and young parliamentarians from the National Assembly and the Senate involved various house committees including budgets, education, communication and technology.

Notably, the UNODC Regional Anti-Corruption Advisor (East Africa) and Head of Countering Corruption Pillar, Mr. David Robinson, emphasized the importance of uniting all stakeholders in the fight against corruption. He also noted that the fight against corruption was long-term and that practical steps needed to be taken. In reference to this he used the following analogy: “The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, I’d like to think about corruption the same way. Corruption is a huge menace that needs strategic, practical and calculated steps to overcome it”.

The meeting came at a critical time when there is a marked rise in the diversion of emergency health funds during the COVID-19 pandemic leading to devastating loss.

Participants in the meeting brainstormed on how to create fresh ideas about how corruption is tackled and mitigated to ensure COVID-19 recovery is achieved with integrity. The meeting culminated in renewed commitment and collaboration in the fight against corruption in Africa.

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