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Corruption in Eastern Africa

Corruption poses significant threats to countries around the world. It weakens institutions, erodes trust and threatens the economy. It undermines fair competition and discourages investment and trade. It also disproportionately affects disadvantaged groups, specifically the poor, by preventing social inclusion, promoting inequality and inhibiting prosperity. Corruption affects Eastern Africa’s most important institutions, spreading across multiple agencies and ministries.

Our Work in the Region

Easter African countries have made significant efforts to combat corruption. They have made commitments under international law and involvement in different international and regional initiatives. Among other initiatives, most countries in the region are State Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

The United Nations Convention against Corruption is the only legally binding universal anti-corruption instrument. The Convention's far-reaching approach and the mandatory character of many of its provisions make it a unique tool for developing a comprehensive response to a global problem.

UNODC provides tailored technical assistance activities to States in support of the implementation of the Convention and of mandates related to economic fraud and identity-related crime. This technical assistance covers a number of thematic areas and takes different forms, including legislative assistance, assistance in the development of national policies and strategies, capacity building activities, etc.

To facilitate the delivery of dedicated on-site guidance and advise to States, UNODC is currently implementing through a network of regional anti-corruption advisers a Global Project on Fast-Tracking the Implementation of UNCAC (2018-2021).


Fast-Tracking Implementation of UNCAC in East Africa

The overall objective of this project is to prevent and combat corruption through effective implementation of UNCAC in support of SDG 16. The East Africa Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (EAACA) members gathered in Nairobi during February 2017 for a Regional Workshop on Fast-tracking the Implementation of the UNCAC where EAACA members identified four specific thematic areas for further development and review. Based on EAACA recommendations, the Global Project developed a number of activities that aims to support regional countries on the identified thematic areas: