Strengthening the capacity of Uzbekistan's law enforcement agencies in countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Regional Office for Central Asia (UNODC ROCA)with the expert support of the Global Programme Against Money Laundering jointly with the Bureau of International Drugs and Law Enforcement Affairs of the US Embassy in Uzbekistan (INL) in cooperation with the Academy under the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Academy) provide technical assistance to strengthen the law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan in countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT).

On June 8, 2021, UNODC Regional Representative Ms. Ashita Mittal, AML/CFT Advisor Mr. Alexander Vadziany, the Director of the INL Bureau of the US Embassy in Tashkent Mr. Russell Singer and seniors of the Academy represented by the Head Mr. Yevgeny Kolenko and his deputy Mr. Uygun Nigmatjanov held a meeting. In course of the meeting participants discussed ongoing projects, prospects for further cooperation and the actual needs of law enforcement agencies of the country.

Mr. Kolenko in his welcoming speech noted the importance and relevance of the provided UNODC’s expert technical assistance in anticipation of the mutual assessment of Uzbekistan on compliance with international standards of FATF, briefly presented the Academy’s development plans and emphasized the necessity of further cooperation including the development of methodology and training materials on AML/CFT in Uzbek language and training of pool of respective national experts.

Ms. Ashita Mittal noted that UNODC ROCA provides technical assistance to Uzbekistan within the framework of its global mandates and under the Program for Central Asia 2021-2025. One of the main objectives of UNODC is to enhance the ability of law enforcement agencies and the financial intelligence unit to detect and investigate cases related to money laundering and terrorist financing. Ms. Mittal stressed that in a time of global pandemic people’s lives and the work modality have changed drastically. In this regard, considering a need and following request from the Academy on provision of video conference equipment to maintain the smooth delivery of trainings, and implementation of the initiatives in the country UNODC ROCA with the financial support of INL procured the required equipment.

INL Director, Mr. Russell mentioned that INL highly appreciated the quality and results of projects implemented in conjunction with UNODC and the Academy and supports the existing effective and constructive cooperation. Mr. Singer informed the participants that in July 2021 INL Bureau of the US Embassy in Uzbekistan expects a new director and Ms. Singer will ensure the successor to this position receives an objective understanding of the importance and effectiveness of interaction with the Academy under the General Prosecutor's Office and UNODC.

Deputy Head of the Academy Mr. Uygun Nigmadjanov thanked UNODC and INL for their assistance and mentioned that as the result of implementing projects the technical capacity of the Academy has been strengthened, its ability to organize and conduct online trainings has increased. In particular, the equipment for video conferencing purchased with the financial support of INL and the technical support of UNODC will work for the upcoming joint events on the basis of the Academy.

As the result of the meeting, the parties were presented with the equipment for video conferencing provided to the Academy and discussed issues of the upcoming events and wished mutual success in their future work.


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