Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries (UNODC)


Sub-Programme 3

Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependence among Vulnerable Groups

The problem of illicit drugs has a significant human dimension in the form of drug use and misuse.

Sub-Programme 3 is designed to support ongoing UNODC initiatives aimed at reducing the demand for drugs, as well as the adverse consequences of drug use for individuals and the society as a whole in the context of comprehensive, complementary and multisectoral drug demand reduction strategies. Moreover, it works to strengthen drug and related HIV prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services.

Sub-Programme 3 promotes regional level exchanges and professional networks. It develops common minimum standards and regional linkages to support professionals in delivering scientific evidence-based practices in drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as in related HIV/AIDS services.

Of particular importance under this Sub-Programme, is the exchange of practices among regional research and training centres in order to strengthen capacities of healthcare and other professionals to deliver evidence-based drug dependence treatment and care. Another important focus is to support the prevention aspect through regional level advocacy and development of model toolkits for prevention campaigns.

Sub-Programme 3 contributes to three outcomes, which deliver six outputs.