Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries


Press Release

Planning for Youth Drug Use Survey in Kazakhstan

17 th June, Astana, Kazakhstan

In follow-up to last month's technical planning meeting on a Youth Drug Use Survey for Kazakhstan, Sub-Programme 4 "Trends and Impacts" of UNODC's Regional Programme for Afghanistan (with support from UNODC's Programme Office in Kazakhstan) held detailed discussions with senior officials from the Ministries of Education and Health in Astana on the 15 th and 16 th of June to finalize plans for survey implementation.

Discussions covered survey implementation of the in-school national survey of drug use among youth (covering the 13 - 18 age group), methodology to be used, training requirements for researchers, timeline for data collection, analysis and publication of the survey's findings.

It is anticipated that data collection will begin in the next three - four months following extensive planning to develop a representative national sample of the target age group and train research staff from the Ministries of Education and Health to carry out the survey.

The Surveys and Statics Session of UNODC's HQ and Sub-Programme 4 of the Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries will provide technical oversight of the survey to the Steering Committee in Kazakhstan consisting of focal points from lead Ministries of the Kazakh Government.

As well as producing the first survey of youth drug use in Kazakhstan since 2006 to inform evidence based policy making, this project aims to build technical capacity for future national surveys to be carried out by lead Ministries in Kazakhstan.

We wish to thank the European Union for its continued support to implementation of the Youth Drug Use Survey Project in Kazakhstan and other Regional Programme Member States.