Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries

In service training of Afghan Medical Doctors at the Iranian National Center for Addiction Science (INCAS)  1-10 October 2016

1-10 October 2016, Tehran, Iran 


On 1-10 October 2016, 10 Afghan medical doctors participated in a ten day training course on drug use treatment and rehabilitation at the Iranian National Center for Addiction Science (INCAS), in Tehran, Iran.  The INCAS experts on various modalities of drug use treatment and rehabilitation provided a comprehensive training course comprised of such topics as: drug abuse and its types; effects of drug use on the human body; the role of family and society in drug use treatment, rehabilitation and integration of recovered drug users; the importance of follow-up and after care; and, medically assisted drug treatment. 

Moreover, the Afghan doctors visited the drug treatment clinics and interacted with drug users, while also receiving on the job training courses for a period of five days.  Additionally, the Afghan doctors also received drug treatment materials prepared by INCAS while also receiving certificates confirming that they had successfully completed the training.

The training was supported by the generous contribution of the EU.