Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries

The Regional Programme at the 59 th Session of the Commission for Narcotic Drugs

March 2016, Vienna - The Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries participated in a number of side events at the 59 th Session of the Commission for Narcotic Drugs that took place in Vienna in mid-March.

The RP displayed printed materials at a stand in the rotunda of the Vienna International Centre through which CND attendees from across the world were given information about the programme, its raison d'tre, main achievements and plans for its second Phase (2016 - 2019).

Mr. Andrey Avetisyan, Regional Representative for Afghanistan and Neigbouring held a number of bilateral meetings with delegations from West and Central Asia and senior officials from donor countries during the course of CND.

"Mr. Ali Hajigholam Saryadzi, Regional Cooperation Adviser of the RP presented key achievements of Sub-Programme (SP) 3 "Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependence Among Vulnerable Groups" of the RP at a side event on the 17 th of March on "The Role of NGOs in Drug Demand Reduction in Central and West Asia". This side event was organized by the Asian Drug Demand Reduction NGOs Treatment and Rehabilitation Section with the participation of representatives from countries including Afghanistan, the Netherlands and Sweden."

As well as running the RP's stand, Mr. Senyo Agbohlah, SP 4 "Trends and Impacts" Coordinator also participated in a side event organized by the Drug Control Agency (DCA) of Tajikistan at which their Annual Report was launched. SP 4 and the Afghan Opiate Trade Project provided technical and financial support to DCA to enable finalization of the Annual Report and are committed to continuing this support going forward. Mr. Agbohlah also participated in the side event at which summary findings from AOTP study on smuggling of opiates through African were presented in addition to attending to AOTP's Advisory Group Meeting.