Bangladesh: UNODC trains prison health officials on Nelson Mandela Rules 


Dhaka, Bangladesh/15 June 2022: To assist the Member States in fostering criminal justice reform, UNODC focuses on promoting the practical application of the Nelson Mandela Rules, the UN Standard Minimum Rules for Non-Custodial Measures, and the implementation of the relevant targets of Agenda 2030.

In this context, a range of targeted interventions has been spearheaded to promote alternatives to imprisonment and build the capacities of governments for effective prison management and security.

In May, UNODC, in partnership with the Prisons Directorate of Bangladesh, convened a series of trainings for over 50 prison health officials focused on enhancing knowledge and operational capacity vis-à-vis prison management, in line with national and international standards.

The Bangla version of UNODC's e-learning course on the UN Standard Minimum Rules for treatment of prisoners was made available online and presented to the participants.

The initiative, which is aimed at supporting the implementation of Bangladesh's commitment to turn "prisons" into "correction centers" to rehabilitate prisoners.

(Supported by the US Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs)