Call for Internships

1. Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Brief: The UNODC Programme Office for Bangladesh is seeking an intern with an interest in criminal justice system, including the prison reform and terrorism prevention issues, who is committed to working at the forefront of administration of criminal justice, development, analysis of trends and communications. The intern will assist the UNODC prison reform project team to develop and pilot the prisoner database management system and the terrorism prevention project team to implement relevant activities in the country.

Application Process: Kindly follow the instructions provided in the Terms of Reference .  


2. Location: New Delhi, India

Brief: The UNODC Regional Office for South Asia offers internships to students enrolled in post-graduate programmes and recent graduates, with an interest in issues pertaining to security, justice and health. 


Application Process: Please send your CV and Cover Letter to Ms. Poonam Bhambri (poonam.bhambri@un.org) and Mr. Samarth Pathak (samarth.pathak@un.org) by August 26 .