Roundtable on anti-corruption education in North Macedonia

25 April 2023, Skopje, North Macedonia: UNODC organized a roundtable on anti-corruption education bringing together key stakeholders, including government representatives, civil society and youth organisations in North Macedonia. The participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences, best practices, and lessons learned in designing and implementing anti-corruption education programs in primary and secondary schools and universities.

With 30 participants, including 23 women, the event was opened by Ms. Slavica Grkovska, Deputy President of the Government, Mr. Jeton Shakiri, Minister of Education, and Mr. Giovanni Gallo, Chief of the Implementation Support Section at the CEB, UNODC.

The roundtable fostered the establishment of valuable partnerships and networks, paving the way for a collective effort to combat corruption through education in North Macedonia. The event was generously funded by the Government of Germany.