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UNODC produces a broad range of publications in our areas of work. All documents are in PDF format, unless otherwise specified.



6/01/2022 National Operational Plan (Serbia): Analysis of school-based drug use prevention strategies against the UNODC-WHO International Standards on drug use prevention (Serbian version)

5/31/2022 Exploitation and Abuse: The Scale and Scope of Human Trafficking in South Eastern Europe

3/11/2022 An Anti-Corruption Ethics and Compliance Programme for Business:  A Practical Guide

                     A Guide on Conducting Corruption Risk Assessment in Public Organizations

                     Building Public Support for Anti-Corruption Efforts

                     Resource Guide on Good Practices in the Investigation of Match-Fixing


12/1/2021 - Statement of the First Lady of North Macedonia on the occasion of the UNODC event on addressing violence against women in Bosnia and Herzegovina (video statement)

10/4/2021 - Organized Crime Strategy Toolkit for Developing High-Impact Strategies

9/7/2021 - UNODC-EUROPOL report "Cocaine Insights 1: The illicit trade of cocaine from Latin America to Europe from oligopolies to free-for-all?"

8/19/2021 - World Drug Report 2021, Booklet 1 - Executive Summary (Serbian, Macedonian), Booklet 3 Drug Market Trends: Cannabis, Opioids - extract on Opiate trafficking routes (Serbian, Macedonian)

6/25/2021 Regional Anti-Corruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap

6/1/2021 Wester Balkans SALW Control Roadmap Multi-Partner Trust Fund 2020 Annual Report

5/19/2021 - UNODC Treatnet Family Brochure

4/5/2021 - Article on Assessing the Feasibility of Providing a Family Skills Intervention, “Strong Families”, for Refugee Families Residing in Reception Centers in Serbia

3/1/2021 - UNODC Strategy 2021–2025


12/14/20  - UNODC Report | Measuring Organized Crime in the Western Balkans

12/11/20  - Policy paper on COVID-19 Vaccines and Corruption Risks: Preventing corruption in the manufacture, allocation and distribution of vaccines

10/15/20  The results of the study: Mapping of Services for the Treatment of Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders (Serbian version)

6/17/20  - Final External Evaluation of the Joint Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) and UNODC Southeast Europe Regional Programme on Strengthening the Capacity of Anti-corruption Authorities and Civil Society to Combat Corruption and Contribute to the UNCAC Review Process

5/5/20  - Parenting under COVID-19 guidance - Listen First (with translation into the languages of South Eastern Europe)

2/20/20  SDG Brochure: UNODC and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 

1/21/20  - Foreign Terrorist Fighters: Manual for Judicial Training Institutes, South Eastern-Europe; updated edition 2019Albanian  /  B/C/M/S  / Macedonian


10/3/19  - Research Brief, Measuring Organized Crime: Assessment of Data in the Western Balkans

7/30/19 - World Day against Trafficking: Information brochure

4/16/19 - The results of UNODC pilots of Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence in South East Europe (Prevention Science, edition of April 2019), Further information

3/1/19 - Drug treatment systems in the Western Balkans: Outcomes of a joint EMCDDA-UNODC survey of drug treatment facilities

1/8/19 - Global report on Trafficking in Persons 2018

1/29/19 - Report of the Secretariat on the world situation with regard to drug trafficking


10/25/18 - UNODC Annual Report 2017

5/1/18  - Results of the WHO/UNODC Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility Survey in Serbia


12/19/17 - Manual for Judicial Training Institutes in South-Eastern Europe on Foreign Terrorist Fighters

11/30/17 - Finalni Izvještaj o Sprovedenom Istraživanju i Preporukama za Adaptaciju Lions Quest Programa "Vještine za Adolescenciju" u Crnoj Gori

5/5/17 -  Report on the Assessment of Drug Dependence Treatment Quality Standards for Drug Dependence Treatment Programs in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


5/31/16 - Деньги от наркоторговли: доходы от незаконного оборота опиатов на "Балканском маршруте" 2015


11/26/15 - Drug Money - the illicit proceeds of opiates trafficked on the Balkan route

11/26/15 - Drug Money: the illicit proceeds of opiates trafficked on the Balkan route - Executive summary

1/1/15 - Finalna adaptacija materijala za implementaciju programa Lion Quest Veštine za adolesciju


4/7/14 - Business, Corruption and Crime in Albania: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise

4/7/14 - BIZNESI, KORRUPSIONI DHE KRIMINË SHQIPËRI: Ndikimi i ryshfetit dhe krimeve të tjera në ndërmarrjet private

3/19/14 - The Illicit Drug Trade through South-Eastern Europe

2/4/14 - Business, Corruption and Crime in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise

2/4/14 - Бизнис, корупција и криминал во Република Македонија Влијанието на поткупот и другите форми на криминал врз приватните фирми

2/4/14 - Business, Corruption and Crime in Montenegro: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise

2/4/14 - Biznis, korupcija i kriminal u Crnoj Gori: Uticaj korupcije i kriminala na privatne poslovne subjekte

2013 and earlier

12/18/13 - ПОСЛОВАЊЕ, КОРУПЦИЈА И КРИМИНАЛ У СРБИЈИ: Утицај корупције и осталих кривичних радњи на пословно окружење

12/18/13 - BUSINESS, CORRUPTION AND CRIME IN SERBIA: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise

11/21/13 - POSLOVANJE, KORUPCIJA I KRIMINAL U BOSNI I HERCEGOVINI: Utjecaj mita i kriminala na privatna preduzeća

11/21/13 - BUSINESS, CORRUPTION AND CRIME IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise

11/12/13 - BUSINESS, CORRUPTION AND CRIME IN CROATIA: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise

11/12/13 - IZLOŽENOST POSLOVNOG SEKTORA KORUPCIJI I KRIMINALU U HRVATSKOJ: utjecaj korupcije i drugih oblika kriminala na privatne tvrtke

11/12/13 - BUSINESS, CORRUPTION AND CRIME IN KOSOVO: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise

10/24/13 - Business, corruption and crime in the western Balkans: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise

5/17/11 - Corruption in the western Balkans: bribery as experienced by the population

5/29/08 - Crime and its impact on the Balkans



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