Project Hermes: finalizing SOPs and MoU on countering firearms trafficking in postal parcels

1-2 and 8-9 August, Montenegro and Serbia: The UNODC Global Firearms Programme (GFP) held two impactful workshops on 1-2 and 8-9 August 2023 under the Hermes project in the Western Balkans. These workshops brought together key stakeholders to combat a pressing challenge – firearms trafficking within postal parcels, exemplifying the power of collaboration.

In the first workshop, UNODC continued its support to the Montenegrin Customs Administration (CA) and the Designated Postal Operator (DPO) in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Pursuant to intensive collaboration in the past six months, these documents were developed after engaging in wide consultations with all relevant actors in Montenegro. The workshop resulted in the finalization of these documents and defining the procedure for their official endorsement by the respective institutions. UNODC’s support resulted in the collaboration between two national institutions for developing a joint response against firearms trafficking, increasing safety and security in Montenegro and the region.

Building on this success, on 8-9 August, UNODC organized a subsequent workshop for the Serbian CA and DPO with the same goal. The event contributed to the finalization of the work of SOPs and MoU on exchange of information between the institutions, and to the further refining of strategies in countering firearms trafficking within postal parcels.

This activity is implemented with financial support provided by Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, and Norway through the Western Balkans SALW Control Roadmap Trust Fund and it is supported by the European Union.

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Project Hermes: finalizing SOPs and MoU on countering firearms trafficking in postal parcels (