Meeting with the Secretariat of the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative

15 June 2022, Vienna, Austria: In line with its existing partnership under the Regional Anti-Corruption and Illicit Finance (ACIF) Roadmap, UNODC carried out a meeting with the Head of Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) Secretariat, Ms. Desislava Gotskova, in order to discuss both the ongoing and planned activities. The ACIF Roadmap was developed in the framework of the UNODC Regional Programme for South Eastern Europe in partnership with RAI and the six Western Balkans jurisdictions to identify the most salient common priorities in the respective areas. As a result, on 25 June 2021 in Ohrid, North Macedonia, at a high-level meeting organized by UNODC, Governments of the region formally adopted the Regional ACIF Roadmap.

During the meeting, Mr. Danilo Rizzi, the Regional Representative for the UNODC Regional Office for South-Eastern Europe (ROSEE) and Ms. Gotskova exchanged views on the planned work under the three goals of the Roadmap, in addition to discussing the possible expansion of the partnership between UNODC and RAI in the future. UNODC was informed that RAI is in the process of recruiting a dedicated colleague for working solely on the ACIF Roadmap while Mr. Rizzi proposed to consider holding a side-event in the next session of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ).

The future work on the ACIF Roadmap will continue to be funded by the UK Government.

This activity contributes to SDG Target 16.5 on substantially reducing corruption and bribery in all their forms.