Improving cross-border cooperation with joint operational activities in South-Eastern Europe

May/June 2023, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Belgrade, Serbia: Supporting efforts of the customs and police administrations implementing activities within the joint EU-UNODC action on enhanced border control, the UNODC Passenger and Cargo Border Team (PCBT) facilitated meetings among the Focal Points within the customs administrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.

The meetings served to discuss future cooperation and joint project activities in 2023, as well as to further build functional professional links; contribute to the availability of relevant data, credible information and tactical intelligence that would facilitate the selection of high-risk consignments in land, sea and air traffic through the region, and significantly improve the chances of successfully combating any forms of smuggling.

This activity was implemented within the EU-UNODC joint action on enhanced border control, currently implemented in South-Eastern Europe by the Passenger and Cargo Border Team in cooperation with the UNODC Regional Programme for South Eastern Europe and funded by the European Union.