Serbian professionals trained on the UNODC Drug Use Disorder Treatment Systems Quality Assurance Toolkit

21-23 June 2023, Belgrade, Serbia: UNODC Serbia, jointly with the UNODC Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section, and with the support of the Serbian Ministry of Health trained 25 health professionals on quality assurance for drug use disorder treatment systems. The training, based on the UNODC Quality Assurance toolkit, aimed to enhance the delivery of treatment and care in a public health framework, in line with the UNODC-WHO International Standards for the Treatment of Drug Use Disorders (the Standards).

The quality assurance systems training in Belgrade drew a diverse group of professionals responsible for decision making, planning, coordination, and delivery of drug use disorder treatment in Serbia. Attendees included representatives from the Ministry of Health, experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, and dedicated health workers with a specialized focus on substance use disorders. Throughout the training, participants engaged in a comprehensive learning experience, delving into the principles and practices of quality drug treatment systems, aligned with the Standards.

The training marked a significant first step towards improving the treatment landscape in the country. The participants analysed the current structure of the system and the ways it can be enhanced. By equipping professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for assessing and enhancing treatment systems, UNODC aims to support Member States in fostering long-lasting improvements in the quality of care provided to individuals with drug use disorders.

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