Roundtable on anti-corruption education in Montenegro

23 May 2023, Podgorica, Montenegro: National stakeholders, including educators, activists, government officials, civil society representatives and UNODC, gathered for a roundtable discussion on the importance of anti-corruption education for students. The event aimed to foster strategic discussions, knowledge sharing, and partnership formation by diving into topics such as curriculum development, teacher training programs, youth engagement, and innovative educational methodologies to equip the future generation with the necessary tools and ethical values to combat corruption effectively.

The goal of the event was to discuss the approaches and challenges in delivering anti-corruption education in schools and universities in Montenegro. The participants emphasized that it is crucial to impart knowledge to young people to recognize corrupt behavior, its causes, but also its consequences, as well as the values they should act in accordance with, in order to build and strengthen integrity.

The event was generously funded by the Government of Germany.