GlobE launched its first regional component in the Western Balkans

6 September 2023, Vienna, Austria: Law enforcement agencies, anti-corruption bodies, police, prosecutors and financial investigation units from the Western Balkans received ministerial endorsement to launch a regional network to combat corruption and other financial crimes through the Regional Anti-Corruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap adopted in June 2021 in Ohrid, North Macedonia.

Representatives from Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia carefully considered networks utilized by their agencies to progress investigations and advance cases, and agreed to join forces under the umbrella of the Global Operational Network of Anti-Corruption Law Enforcement Authorities (the GlobE Network).

Law enforcement anti-corruption authorities of the Western Balkans are members of the GlobE Network and aim to progress investigations and advance transnational corruption cases through direct collaboration.

At a meeting held in Becici, Montenegro in June 2023, the GlobE secretariat and the regional representatives engaged on the regional component aims, role, mode of operation and on the support of the GlobE Network to the regional component.

On 5 September 2023, the representatives of five countries in the Western Balkans approved a declaration and launched the regional component to bolster anti-corruption efforts in the region through key mechanisms:

  1. Enhanced information sharing and regional coordination
  2. Access to tools, knowledge and expertise
  3. Promoting transparency and accountability

Through GlobE they can use the directory of credible global contact points, be granted access to the user-friendly secure communications platform for regional coordination, benefit from informal cooperation support services and direct international cooperation tools, knowledge resources and training.

The regional component will seek for all anti-corruption law enforcement authorities from the region to become GlobE members, with active focal point engagement. It will encourage use of the GlobE secure communication platform and informal cooperation support services to progress investigations and advance cases. Awareness of GlobE and its services will be raised with authority practitioners engaged in anti-corruption cross-border law enforcement in the region.

The GlobE Network Western Balkan regional component stands together against corruption, promoting a better and more equitable future for the Western Balkan region and its people.

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