Ongoing Projects in Eastern Africa

Drug abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention, GLOG32

The objective of this project is to identify and develop best practice, build capacity at regional and national level and gather data on the negative health and social consequences of drug abuse with specific reference to HIV/AIDS.

Establishing a global network of youth programmes for drug abuse prevention, TDGLOC54FKE

The proposed action builds on two UNODC projects: the Global Initiative on Primary Prevention of Substance Abuse ("Global Initiative") and the Global Youth Network. Under the Global Initiative, more than 50 governmental and non-governmental organizations from Belarus and the Russian Federation were provided with training and grants to develop and implement community-based drug abuse prevention project targeting youth between 2000 and 2004. In the meantime, UNODC had launched the Global Youth Network. The Network by now comprises more than 500 organizations in more than 100 countries. These are community-based organizations and youth groups working on drug abuse prevention with and for youth. Since the organizations involved with the Global Initiative were undertaking activities very much in line with the objectives of the Global Youth Network, they came naturally to be part of it. Although these organizations did not benefit from Global Youth Network training, as they had already benefited from the one of the Global Initiative, they did participate in the other main series of activities of the Network, namely to identify and disseminate good practices on drug abuse prevention.

By 2004, the main activities of the Global Youth Network had come to an end and it was decided that remaining funds would be utilized to support the creation of Regional Networks in selected regions. Thus the Eastern European Regional Network (including also NGOs from Moldova and Ukraine) was born together with the Networks for Eastern Africa, Mexico and Central America, South America, South Asia, and, East Asia and the Pacific. This revision proposes to build on this work by using the Eastern European Youth Network to scale-up young people initiatives in area of drug-use prevention and service provision to vulnerable young people (10-30 years old).

This revision is a direct result and extension of the pilot phase implemented under GLO/C54 which is described in all its details (including Annual Project Progress Reports) in PROFI.