Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) and Eastern Africa

 The production of the "Transnational Organized Crime in Eastern Africa: A Threat Assessment" (TOCTA) was a major milestone for ROEA in this sector. This resource was developed over a period of over two years and was officially launched on 4 September 2013. Given the size and diversity of the Eastern African Region, the analysis of threats focused on four primary areas of concern:

• Migrant smuggling from Ethiopia and Somalia to Yemen and Saudi Arabia

• Heroin trafficking from South-West Asia to Eastern Africa;

• Ivory trafficking through Eastern Africa to Asia;

• Somali maritime piracy.


The TOCTA represents a major landmark in the activities undertaken by ROEA under the framework of the Regional Programme as it provides comprehensive data and findings on serious crimes affecting Eastern Africa as a whole and, simultaneously, offers a number of recommendations for interven­tions at country, regional and global levels. Many of the proposed interventions are cross-cutting and have the potential to build capacity to counter multiple organized crime threats. Other interventions are exclusively tailored around the unique context of the concerned country and needs of the direct beneficiaries.

The comprehensive findings contained in the TOCTA and the recommendations therein provide a foundation for ROEA's on-going activities to combat transnational organized crime.