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UNODC Strengthens Intelligence and Investigation Capabilities to Fight Terrorism in Eastern Africa

Nairobi - December 2018: This week in Nairobi, UNODC continued its commitment to supporting Member States in Eastern Africa to prevent terrorism and to bring terrorists to justice by strengthening the investigation and intelligence capacities of law enforcement agencies. Funded by the Federal Government of the Republic of Germany, UNODC brought together criminal justice officials from 10 Eastern African countries for a regional workshop on intelligence-led policing, digital evidence collection and regional cooperation. The activity forms part of ongoing terrorism prevention activities being implemented by UNODC as part of its Regional Programme for Eastern Africa (2016-2021). These activities also include national capacity building and advisory activities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Read More...


Life Skills-Based Training Empowers Juveniles to Self-Esteem at Dagoretti Rehabilitation Centre

Nairobi - December 2018: Engaging juvenile offenders with education and skills-based training is an integral component of successful rehabilitation and reintegration back into the community.

Article 40(1) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) stipulates that reintegration should be the primary objective of the juvenile justice system. State Parties to the convention should therefore consider community-based approaches to crime that offer opportunities for the juvenile justice system to communicate censure of the crime while establishing in a young offender a sense of connectedness to the community. Failure to rehabilitate and effectively reintegrate child offenders predisposes them to criminality in adulthood and undermines the possibility of them leading productive lives. In Kenya, research has revealed that many adult offenders in prisons first began engaging in crime as juveniles. It must be a necessity for stakeholders involved in juvenile justice reforms to collaborate in efforts to stop the cycle of recidivism through engaging child offenders in meaningful activities and life skills programs. Youth empowerment is the most effective prevention against future participation in criminal activities Read More...


UNODC Hosts Collaborative TREATNET Training and Visit Providing Insight into Kenyan Drug Treatment Programmes

Mombasa - December 2018: In November the 2017, in Cape town, The Regional Office for Eastern Africa of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC ROEA) organised a sub-Saharan regional training titled TREATNET Volume D "Management of Drug Dependence Services" for treatment facilities. For the region, it was one more occasion to exchange and learn from each other's best practices. As participants exchanged on the nature of treatment Programmes in their respective countries, an idea was born.   Read More...





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