UNODC participation in National Cyber Security Conference - 20 and October 21, 2010 - Georgetown, Guyana.

UNODC participated in the National Cyber Security Conference held in Georgetown, Guyana, between 20 and 21 October.
The conference was aimed to support the Government of Guyana in the definition of cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, creation and implementation of national cyber security capabilities against cyber threats and vulnerabilities and exchange of information between national stakeholders.

Mr. Alberto Bolaña, UNODC expert on this area, was invited to participate as lecturer, providing expertise through presentations and panels that took place during the event.
It was attended by over ninety participants from various government agencies, the University of Guyana, commercial banks, insurance companies and other organizations. UNODC worked in coordination with the OAS / CICTE and government agencies in Guyana, in particular with the Ministry of Home Affairs to facilitate and conduct the conference.

As a corollary of the event, recommendations were developed and approved, by debate and deliberation, addressed to the Government of Guyana for their consideration and action. Participants also agreed that public and private sectors must work together to promote a broad national cyber security platform.

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