NDS - 2000 News

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29 November 2000
NDS Presentation for Eastern Africa
The NDS team made a presentation of the system in the meeting of the heads of drug regulatory authorities of 13 Eastern African Countries. The meeting had participants from WHO, INCB, and AFDRAN.
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27 November 2000
NDS Photos of user group meeting
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20 November 2000
The NDS news group server is now available online. The news server helps all users of NDS to communicate and discuss all issues related to the use of the system. For ease of usage, the following groups have been created:
  • NDS General: For general issues and generic topics
  • NDS EDI: For publishing EDI messages that a user may wish to share with other users, like establishments, preparations, etc...
  • NDS Ideas: For ideas on improving NDS and adding new features to the system and for enhancing coordination on the national, regional, and international levels.
  • NDS Problems: For reporting bugs, and problems in using the system.
  • NDS Solutrong: NDS Beta Release Reviewed by Switzerland UNDCP has received Mr. Laurent Medioni, Switzerland Ministry of Health, to review a preliminary release of NDS 4.0. Mr. Medioni has expressed his satisfaction with the new enhancements and functionality of NDS 4.0. In addition Mr. Medioni has reiterated the desire of Switzerland to be among the first group of governments that test and use NDS 4.0. more information
28 May 2000
NDS Design Review
UNDCP reviews the design of NDS 4.0 at Datamatics Mumbai. The review resulted in many changes to be implemented that aims at:
- Enhancing the usability of the System
- Enhancing the general system performance
- Fixing bugs that were discovered in the Beta release
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29 Feb 2000
Support Facilities For NDS 4.0
With the upgrade of NDS3.3e to NDS 4.0, UNDCP has drafted a plan for establishing support facilities to assist the users of NDS 4.0. The support facilities are intended to conduct multiple types of tasks in supporting, promoting and updating NDS 4.0.
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25 Feb 2000
Requirements Analysis - NDS 4.0 Ready
The requirements analysis for the upgrade of NDS 3.3e to NDS 4.0 has been completed. The upgrade includes many new enhancements to the existing system and several other modules. Some of the major new enhancements are incorporation of the Annual Reports Questionnaire, an establishment management module to facilitate the management of domestic trade, a license module, and an interface to ICPO messaging system.
Please, review the requirements document and provide UNDCP with any comments or suggestions you may have.
24 Feb 2000
User Group Meeting
A user group meeting to demonstrate the prototype of NDS 4.0 is held at UNDCP - HQ - Vienna. The United States of America, Canada, Germany and INCB are participating in the meeting.
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21 Feb 2000
The NDS Team Visits Switzerland
Upon the kind invitation of the Swiss government, Mr. Maher Abu Ghali and Mr. Hemant Satam (Datamatics) visited the Health Ministry in Bern. The meeting covered the new developments with NDS and prospects for the future. The Swiss government expressed its interest in testing and using the new release of NDS as soon as possible.
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11 Feb 2000
User Group Meeting
A user group meeting to demonstrate the prototype of NDS 4.0 is held at UNDCP - HQ - Vienna. Switzerland, Hungary, and INCB are participating in the meeting.
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31 Jan 2000
Requirements Specification Study
The requirements study for the new modules of NDS 4.0 is initiated. It is expected that this stage of analysis to be finalized by 27 Feb. 2000.
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22 Jan 2000
Prototype of NDS 4.0 Ready
Prototype of NDS 4.0 has been delivered for Form A, Demographics, Form A Report (for both Word Perfect 8.0 and MS-Word 8.0), and the web-enabled component of the import/export authorizations request.
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1 Jan 2000
Development of NDS 4.0 Prototype started
The development of NDS 4.0 has been initiated. A prototype that demonstrates the enhancements to the user-interface is due on 22 Jan. 2000.
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