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September 2015 – EMCDDA–Europol: Joint Report on 1-phenyl-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)pentan-1-one (alpha-PVP)

LISBON, Portugal – September 2015. In May 2015, the EMCDDA and Europol examined the available information on a new psychoactive substance (NPS), 1-phenyl-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)pentan-1-one, also known as α-pyrrolidinovalerophenone (alpha-PVP), through a joint assessment. The two organizations concluded that sufficient information had been accumulated to merit the production of a Joint Report on alpha-PVP as stipulated by Article 5.1 of the Council Decision. This Joint Report makes available new information on alpha-PVP regarding seizures, the involvement of organised crime, international trafficking, the potential for further (rapid) spread and new evidence of cases of serious intoxication or fatalities.

Alpha-PVP is a synthetic cathinone which is closely related to the controlled drug pyrovalerone. According to the report, 140 serious adverse events associated with this substance have been reported by nine EU Member States. This includes acute intoxications requiring hospitalisation and more than 100 deaths; in at least 23 of these deaths alpha-PVP was the cause of death or contributed to the death.


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