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NPS Data Visualisations


Instructions: All the graphs and tables are interactive and can be clicked on, to gain a deeper view of the selected variable. Click again outside of the
graphs to clear selections or in dropdowns on the eraser iconHovering on a data point also provides further information. Use Ctrl+click to select
more than one variable. Select region/effect group (dropdown), years (slider) or any other variable visible on the charts by clicking on it. In tables,
select the single down arrow to sort within a certain category. The dashboard works best in full-screen mode

For more comprehensive chemical information about substances that have been placed under International Control, please refer to the
International Drug Control Conventions.

By using the data you agree to UNODC terms of use and the dataUNODC terms of use.

Suggested citation: UNODC Early Warning Advisory on NPS - Summary Dashboard