Global Maritime Crime Prevention

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The Global Maritime Crime Programme was established in response to Security Council resolutions calling for a concerted international response to address piracy off the Horn of Africa. The CPP played a central role in the establishment of a regional 'piracy prosecution model'. This involved providing comprehensive criminal justice support to states in the Indian Ocean region, which received suspected pirates for prosecution.

The Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean teams based in the Regional Office for Eastern Africa in Nairobi. They have extensive experience and knowledge in supporting regional states in the areas. These include criminal justice reform within the maritime law enforcement, police/custodial corps, judiciary, prosecution and prisons. Some of the countries covered are; Somalia, Yemen, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh.

We achieve this through the following:

  • Training and mentorship of law enforcement officials
  • Promoting regional cooperation to enhance mutual legal assistance
  • Provision of equipment and infrastructure to support maritime law enforcement and prisons
  • Training and mentorship of prison staff in line with International Minimum standards of detention.

Our Work in Eastern Africa