Terrorism Prevention Programme

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Terrorism Prevention in Eastern Africa

Globally, terrorism continues to threaten international peace, stability and development, and impose a devasting human cost. Eastern Africa, like many regions, faces a very real terrorism threat, including from the terrorist group Al-Shabaab among others. As the terrorist threat continues to evolve, with terrorists taking advantage of new technologies and vulnerabilities, it is an ongoing challenge for Member States to effectively respond to, prevent and counter terrorism and violent extremism.

Our Work in the Region

As part of the UNODC Regional Programme for Eastern Africa (2016-2022), UNODC’s Terrorism Prevention branch has long been partnering with Member States in Eastern Africa to provide technical and capacity-building assistance to respond to terrorist threats, including through the implementation of the UN Global-Counter Terrorism Strategy.

UNODC provides support for countering terrorism and preventing violent extremism in several key areas, such as providing specialized capacity-building assistance to criminal justice officials and policymakers to bring terrorists to justice with respect for human rights; addressing the unique challenges in dealing with terrorism cases; supporting the ratification and legislative incorporation of the international legal conventions and protocols related to terrorism and implementation of relevant Security Council resolutions; and strengthening regional and international cooperation for intelligence sharing, and border security.