Vienna: UNODC supports cooperation to prevent violent extremism in South Asia through the SAN-PVE Regional Network

Vienna, Austria/24 May 2023: According to the 2023 Global Terrorism Index, South Asia continues to be the most impacted region of the world by the scourge of violent extremism and terrorism. The expanding presence of extremist groups in the area constantly undermines the safety of the local population and enhances the risk of radicalisation. In this context, cooperation between affected countries is crucial in providing a joint response to the challenges posed by the terrorist threat as well as in addressing the underlying conditions facilitating violent extremism.   

In line with the UN Secretary General’s Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism (A/70/674), UNODC has been supporting South Asian countries in the development and operationalisation of a South Asia regional network of PVE practitioners (SAN-PVE) promoting a preventative approach to violent extremism, based on multi-disciplinary and multi-agency cooperation.

To emphasise progress and achievements of the network, the UNODC Terrorism Prevention Branch and the UNODC Regional Office for South Asia organised a side event during the 32nd session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) on “Promoting a South Asia regional network of PVE practitioners (SAN-PVE)”, held in Vienna on 24 May 2023.

Delegates from participating countries highlighted the encouraging advancements at the national level by virtue of the collective efforts of SAN-PVE. In particular, they agreed on the importance of this “peer-to-peer networking and learning platform” which fosters the exchange of knowledge and good practices in preventing violent extremism among practitioners with multidisciplinary backgrounds. The discussion also addressed the successful role of the network in ensuring a whole-of-society approach by promoting human rights as well as gender-sensitive and youth-oriented measures. Overall, participants applauded the value of and the results achieved by SAN-PVE as a “successful initiative, serving as an example for other regional forums”.

The event was funded by the European Union and the Government of Japan.    

 (Supported by European Union and the Government of Japan)