UNODC Regional Programme for South Asia (2024-2028)

The Regional Programme for South Asia (RPSA) (2024-2028) outlines the scope and strategic focus of UNODC’s programmatic action in South Asia. The RPSA has been designed to address both present and emerging needs in South Asia and provides a strategic framework for UNODC’s work in support of Member States. Its ultimate objective is to secure and reinforce the rule of law, strengthen regional cooperation and protect vulnerable groups and communities from drugs and crime.

The RPSA has been designed and developed through extensive and inclusive consultations with key counterparts and on the basis of various assessments, workshops, project evaluations and capacity-building initiatives. The RPSA duly takes into consideration the lessons learned and the best practices identified during the implementation of the previous RP for South Asia (2018-2023), including in terms of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact.

The Programme is aligned with the overall UNODC corporate strategy (2021-2025) and harmonized with the wider UN system’s approach to promote sustainable development in the region. The RPSA, in fact, serves as a framework for UNODC’s action to support Member States in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as they pertain to the Office’s mandate. SDG Goal 16 – related to peace, justice, corruption and illicit financial flows – is of particular importance, as it ensures that these topics are embedded in the sustainable development agenda.

The RPSA is also fully inscribed within the UNODC inter-regional approach and is linked to other Regional Programmes and global strategies – such as the UNODC Strategy for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (2022-2026).