India: UNODC's RiseUp4Peace initiative empowers students and educators to promote peace and the rule of law

New Delhi, India/30 June 2024: The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is making a profound impact through its RiseUp4Peace initiative, an educational program that actively engages students across India with themes from Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG 16).

In collaboration with the Kamla Nehru Public School Phagwara and educator partners, this initiative is fostering creative and social interventions that promote peace, justice, and strong institutions.

In June, eight interactive sensitization and capacity-building dialogues were conducted, reaching over 4,000 educators and young people and generating meaningful discussions on SDG 16 and related themes. Discussions focused on innovative classroom interventions designed to educate, engage, and empower students on critical issues such as peace, the rule of law, and integrity.

One of the most significant aspects of RiseUp4Peace is its emphasis on creative and social interventions. Students are not just learning about SDG 16 themes; they are also developing their own projects and initiatives to promote peace and justice within their communities. This hands-on approach ensures that the knowledge gained through the program is translated into real-world action, making a tangible impact on society.

A crucial element of the initiative's success is its extensive reach among educators. Over 1,000 educators from the Seth MR Jaipuriya Group, a leading chain of private schools in India, were trained on SDG 16 themes. Educators were sensitized on UNODC’s educational frameworks and tools, such as the GRACE and YEA Frameworks. By equipping secondary-level educators with the necessary knowledge and skills, UNODC is ensuring that young people receive comprehensive education on peace, the rule of law, and integrity.

The capacity-boosting initiatives under RiseUp4Peace have had a profound impact on both educators and students. Educators are now better prepared to integrate SDG 16 themes into their curricula, fostering a generation of young people who are knowledgeable about and committed to promoting peace and justice.

The feedback from educators has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the resources and support provided by UNODC. The program is also fostering a sense of community and collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds, promoting a culture of peace and mutual respect.

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