South Asia Newsletter: Odyssey    

New Delhi/May 20, 2019: Presenting the latest edition of   Odyssey -a special news bulletin showcasing all the work we have been doing to promote security, justice and health in South Asia!

Catch the latest updates on some of our key programs and activities here:  Odyssey  (January-May 2019)    

This edition features a range of impactful initiatives spearheaded by UNODC South Asia over the last few months, such as:

  • Strengthening partnerships with Governments of South Asian Member States to address drug use and organised crime
  • Engaging with young people and educators to promote the the Sustainable Development Goals, peace and human rights
  • Countering trafficking in persons by developing national referral mechanisms and promoting dialogue between stakeholders
  • Preventing drug use and violence by strengthening Family Responses
  • Fostering  multi-stakeholder responses to address gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS, violent extremism, trafficking in persons and prison reforms.
  • Countering organised crime through the Container Control Program
  • Addressing Money Laundering by building capacities in law enforcement agencies
  • Preventing violent extremism through capacity building in prisons
  • Building business partnerships with corporates and government agencies to  foster impact-oriented investments in the development sector
  • Convening leading opinion makers, celebrities and thematic experts on issues of relevance for the region 

We look forward to feedback and comments, and continued support of our partners, stakeholders and well-wishers. 

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