South Asia Newsletter: Odyssey (June-August 2020)

UNODC and Responding to COVID-19

New Delhi/07 September 2020: Presenting the latest edition of Odyssey (June-August 2020)--our news bulletin showcasing the recent work we have been doing to promote security, justice and health in South Asia.

This edition focuses on UNODC's COVID-19 Response in South Asia. Health emergencies like COVID-19 threaten to cost many lives and pose additional risks to the global economy, social dynamics, human rights, and overall security and stability of nations. UNODC believes that the crisis cannot be overcome until the pandemic is addressed in all pockets of vulnerability, in line with the UN's principle of 'Leaving No One Behind' and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our focus is also on the evolving implications of Covid-19, especially pertaining to human rights, health, peace, security and the rule of law. UNODC remains committed to delivering vital evidence-based and gender-responsive technical assistance to those in need, especially the marginalized, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. These include people who use drugs and with drug use disorders, who are in prison and who have HIV/Hepatitis C.

In this context, this edition features a range of impactful initiatives spearheaded by UNODC in response to COVID-19, such as:

  • Building capacities of law enforcement agencies to combat illicit drugs
  • Strengthening multi-stakeholder cooperation and coordination to counter transnational organised crime
  • Supporting the efforts of Frontline Responders amid the pandemic to assist communities
  • Disseminating research, conducting trainings and promoting awareness to counter trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants
  • Promoting youth engagement and action on peace, justice and SDGs through education: The Lockdown Learners Series
  • Fostering Criminal Justice Reform amid COVID-19 in line with the Nelson Mandela Rules
  • Providing support and technical assistance to Governments, civil society and communities in addressing COVID-19
  • Highlighting emerging concerns with regard to gender-based violence, criminal justice reform, cybercrime and online safety, human trafficking, corruption, law enforcement, drugs and health, HIV/AIDS and Hep-C, prisons, children, youth and families, and wildlife crime, among others.

Catch the latest updates on some of our key programs and activities here: Odyssey (June-August 2020) 

We look forward to feedback and comments, and continued support of our partners, stakeholders and well-wishers.

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