UNODC South Asia Newsletter: Odyssey (October 2021)

Responding to COVID-19: Building Back Better

New Delhi/11 November 2021: Presenting the latest edition of Odyssey (October 2021)--our news bulletin featuring a range of impactful initiatives spearheaded by UNODC in response to COVID-19 in South Asia in October 2021, focusing on crime prevention, security, justice and health.

In Focus

  • Enhancing law enforcement capacities to counter drug trafficking
  • Countering Trafficking in Persons through capacity building and awareness 
  • Spearheading youth action on peace, justice and SDGs through education amid COVID-19: The Lockdown Learners Series and Education for Justice Initiative
  • Fostering prison reform in line with international standards.
  • Training stakeholders on countering terrorism 

Catch the latest updates on our key programs and activities here: Odyssey (October 2021)

We look forward to feedback and comments, and continued support of our partners, stakeholders and well-wishers.

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