Mentoring visits conducted in Ports Control Units in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

7-9 March, Bijaca, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 14-16 March, Bar, Montenegro: As part of its continuous support to the joint inter-agency units in South-Eastern Europe, the UNODC-WCO Container Control Programme (CCP) conducted mentoring visits to the Port Control Units (PCUs) in Bijača in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bar in Montenegro.

The mentoring visits focused on the key aspects of risk analysis, profiling and targeting high risk consignments within the containerized trade supply chain. During the mentoring visit the PCU selected and inspected several containerized shipments, also using a mobile scanner available.

The mentoring visits remain an important part of the comprehensive training program, which is continuously adapted to the newest trends and developments, offering new knowledge and specifics about law enforcement operations and the application of new methodologies.

The mentoring visits have been implemented within the EU-UNODC action on promoting the rule of law and good governance through targeted border control measures at ports and airports, funded by the European Union and implemented by the UNODC-INTERPOL-WCO Airport Communication Project (AIRCOP) and CCP in cooperation with the UNODC Regional Programme for South Eastern Europe.