Strengthening the legal regime against terrorism

Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Thematic Area:
Terrorism Prevention
Result Area:
1-1. Ratification and implementation of conventions and protocols
Project Start Date:
01 Jan 2003
Project End Date:
31 Dec 2011
Project Description
FS/GLO/R35 was launched in 2003 and provides the framework for UNODC technical assistance to Member States in the implementation of the international legal regime against terrorism. The project provides support to requesting countries in strengthening criminal justice system capacity to implement the international counter-terrorism conventions and protocols in compliance with the rule of law including incorporating them into national legislation and achieving global ratification of all these instruments. Seven years after the project was launched, evolving priorities of the recipient and donor countries necessitated the development of new approached with regard to the technical assistance delivered under the Global Project and the method of implementation. The revision is also undertaken in implementation of the recommendation of the 2007 Thematic Evaluation of the Global Project requesting amongst others to "review the Global Project document and align it fully with the Office's new project document format"