UN.GIFT training in Mexico city

In the framework of the Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking -UN.GIFT-, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, in collaboration with the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City, held a training course for local officers on trafficking in persons.

UNICEF, UNHCR, the Embassy of the United States of America and the Attorney General's Office were tasked, together with UNODC, to deliver each of the modules of the three day workshop that started on 27 October. High level authorities of the Mexico City and UNODC National Program Officer were in charge of inaugurating the workshop.

Being inter-agency cooperation one of the pillars of UN.GIFT, among the 46 participants, were public prosecutors, police officials, judges, human rights officials and officials working for the welfare of women, all of whom have direct contact with human trafficking from their different areas of action. Together with the experts, the profile of the officials promoted an exchange of ideas which enriched the training process. As well, it was remarked the importance of field and operational collaboration between these officials once they enter in contact with a trafficking victim.

UN.GIFT was launched in March 2007 and works with all stakeholders - governments, business, academia, civil society and the media - to support each other's work, create new partnerships and develop effective tools to fight human trafficking.