PRELAC- Prevention of the diversion of drugs precursors in the Latin American and Caribbean Region

Current Project Status:
Project Status as of 2010:
Latin America and Caribbean
SubRegion - Latin America
Thematic Area:
Counter Narcotics Enforcement
Result Area:
1-2. International cooperation in criminal justice matters
Project Start Date:
27 Feb 2009
Project End Date:
29 Feb 2012

Project Description

>>>>>The Project's general objective is to contribute to the fight against the manufacture of drugs and its trafficking in Latin America and the Caribbean by assisting the region in struggling against the diversion of precursors from the licit trade. The project's specific objectives are : to strenghten the capacities of national administrative control authorities of selected countries within the region to prevent the diversion of precursors.

Boletin informativo

2010 - Septiembre