Economic and Social Council


1520th Plenary Meeting
23 May 1968

1968/1294(XLIV).Urgent control measures for LSD and similar hallucinogenic substances*/


The Economic and Social Council,

Convinced that the abuse of LSD and hallucinogenic substances having similar ill effects presents an increasingly serious problem that could have very dangerous consequences,

Recalling its resolution 1197(XLII) of 16 May 1967 and resolution WHA 20.42 of the Twentieth World Health Assembly29/ urging Governments to apply strict control in the use of LSD and similar substances,

Being informed that twenty-two Governments, have adopted legislation along the lines of these recommendations,

Deeply concerned at reports of serious damage to health being caused by LSD and similar hallucinogenic substances,

1. Recommends that Governments which have already taken control measures to examine them with a view to making them more stringent if required;

2. Urges Governments:

(a) To prohibit all use of LSD and similar hallucinogenic substances except by research workers in medical or scientific institutions directly under their control or specifically approved by them;

(b) To restrict the use of such substances to approved medical or scientific purposes;

(c) To prohibit all import and export of such substances except between Governments or between authorities or organizations specifically approved by Governments for such import and export;

3. Recommends Governments to consider also appropriate measures to prevent the use of lysergic acid and other possible intermediate and precursor substances for the illicit manufacture of LSD or similar hallucinogenic substances.

1520th plenary meeting,
23 May 1968

29/ See World Health Organization, Handbook of resolutions and decisions if the World Health Assembly and the Executive Board, 1948-1967 (Geneva, 1967), p. 109.

* Adopted as recommended by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in its resolution 6(XXII) (E/4455-E/CN.7/512, para. 335 and chap. X draft resolution F), with minor amendments.