Workshop: Investigating & prosecuting  firearms trafficking in West Africa


From 28th to 30th July 2020, the Global Firearms Programme held an online webinar on the investigation and prosecution of firearms trafficking and related offenses aimed at practitioners in Central and West African countries. GFP experts have adapted training material to meet the requirements of an online setting, and particularly in a context with limited internet connectivity.  Read more

UN Volunteers strengthen legal and criminal justice measures to combat terrorism in Niger


UNODC deployed 10 national United Nations Volunteers to Niger to provide legal assistance to persons held in pre-trial detention on terrorism charges in order to reduce the length of pre-trial detention periods. The number of pretrial detainees in 2017 was reduced from 1,600 in 2017 to 842 in 2019 as part of that project. Four UN Volunteers deployed in Niger share their experiences. Read more

CAR adopts new law on conventional arms developed with support from UNODC


The National Assembly of the Central African Republic adopted a new Law on the general regime on the parts, components, and ammunition of conventional arms, on 8th July, 2020. The law will be instrumental in supporting the fight against illicit arms trafficking in the country and in the sub-region. The law is the result of a year-long comprehensive legislative assistance package provided by UNODC. Read more

World Day against Trafficking in Persons: Nigerian liaison magistrates deployed in Europe strengthen int'l cooperation in prosecuting human trafficking cases 


To increase international cooperation between West and Central African countries and Europe to counter organized crime, and notably trafficking in persons,  UNODC has been supporting the deployment of Nigerian prosecutors, first to Italy and then Spain through the PROMIS project since February 2018. This has been achieved so far thanks to the financial support of the Netherlands and Italy. Read more

UNODC distributes food and health supplies to support street children


UNODC provided health and food supplies to support national authorities during COVID-19. The measures adopted by the health authorities include measures to ensure the protection of street children. The Ministry is working to return children to their families. During the transition period, children are placed in shelters that need support during the pandemic.  Read more

COVID-19 protective equipment provided to addiction management centre in Senegal


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for West and Central Africa has donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Integrated Addiction Management Centre (known as CEPIAD) in Dakar to help combat the current health crisis of COVID-19. Today, it offers the first methadone maintenance program in West Africa and has more than 280 registered patients under treatment. Read more

Workshop on increasing inclusion of victims of terrorism in criminal proceedings in Niger


UNODC organized a workshop in Niger aimed at further strengthening the capacity of judges and investigators to better consider and deal with victims of terrorist acts in various proceedings. Traditionally, criminal procedure focuses on the perpetrators of offenses and crimes. In the scope of terrorism,  more than in other areas, it is essential that the point of view of victims be heard and taken into account to a greater extent. Read more

UNODC prepares Operation KAFO II to control cross border firearms trafficking


Some 50 participants from Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Côte d'Ivoire, as well as from Interpol, the World Customs Organization, ECOWAS and GIZ  took part in a major (online) workshop on the planning of Operation KAFO II to control cross-border firearms trafficking. The workshop laid the strategic, tactical and operational foundations of the second edition of Operation KAFO. Read more


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