Economic and Social Council


1717th Plenary Meeting
24 July 1970

1532(XLIX).United Nations action against drug abuse


The Economic and Social Council,

Deeply concerned by the epidemic spread of drug addiction in developed and developing countries which continues unabated, as noted at its forty-eighth session,103/

Recognizing that this problem includes the abuse of traditional narcotic drugs as well as psychotropic substances,

Convinced that prompt and decisive action by the United Nations family is imperative if this ominous situation is to be brought under control,

Recalling General Assembly resolution 2434(XXIII) of 19 December 1968, by which the Assembly requested the Secretary-General, in co-operation with the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and the International Narcotics Control Board and in consultation with interested Governments, to develop plans for putting an end to the illegal or uncontrolled production of narcotic raw materials and to submit those plans, through the Economic and Social Council, to the General Assembly at its twenty-fifth session,

Recalling further the interim report of the Secretary-General to the Council at its forty-eighth session noting the unanimous agreement at an inter-agency meeting convened by the Administrative Committee on Co-ordination that measures must be adopted to control both the illicit supply of and demand for narcotic drugs, taking into consideration the relevant economic, social, technical and institutional aspects, involving the co-operation of the various United Nations agencies and Governments concerned,104/

Recalling further that a conference of plenipotentiairies has been convened for January 1971 to adopt an international convention on the control of psychotropic substances,

Convinced that it is essential that the General Assembly should have recommendations from the competent organ in the field in order to deal effectively with this issue,

1. Decides that a special one-week session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs be held in Geneva beginning 28 September 1970 to consider short and long term policy recommendations for integrated international action against drug abuse with particular reference to the need for more effective measures to suppress the illicit drug traffic by strengthening national and international means of enforcement, to put an end to the illegal and uncontrolled production of narcotic raw material by all means including the development of alternative economic programmes and activities such as the substitution of crops, as envisaged by General Assembly resolution 2434(XXIII), and to reduce the illicit demand for drugs by means of education and social programmes and by means of the treatment and rehabilitation of addicts;

2. Invites interested specialized agencies, other competent United Nations bodies and non-governmental organizations concerned to participate as appropriate in the special session;

3. Requests the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to submit the report of its special session to the Council by 1 November 1970 for consideration and transmission to the General Assembly for action at its twenty-fifth session.

1717th plenary meeting,
24 July 1970

103/ See Official Records of the Economic and Social Council, Forty-eighth Session, 1657th to 1650th meetings.

104/ See E/4789, para. 17.