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November 2019 – UNODC: Commission on Narcotic Drugs decision on international control of ADB-FUBINACA , FUB‐AMB, ADB‐CHMINACA, CUMYL‐4CN-BINACA, ephylone and three precursors enters into force

VIENNA, Austria – November 2019: The decision of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) during its 62nd Session from 18 to 22 March 2019 to add ADB-FUBINACA , FUB‐AMB (MMB‐FUBINACA, AMB‐FUBINACA), ADB‐CHMINACA, CUMYL‐4CN-BINACA and N‐Ethylnorpentylone (ephylone) to Schedule II of the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971 has entered into force on 19 November 2019. Similarly, the decision to place the precursors 3,4-MDP-2P-methylglycidate (PMK glycidate) (all stereoisomers), 3,4-MDP-2P-methylglycidic acid (PMK glycidic acid) (all stereoisomers), Alpha-phenylacetoacetamide (APAA) (including its optical isomers) to Table I of the Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988, has entered into force.

Previously, on 23 May 2019, the decision adopted by the CND during its 62nd Session to add Cyclopropylfentanyl, Methoxyacetylfentanyl, Orthofluorofentanyl (2-Fluorofentanyl) and Parafluorobutyrylfentanyl (4-Fluorobutyrfentanyl) to Schedule I of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 entered into force.


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