Maritime Crime

UNODC’s maritime crime projects target law enforcement, detection/interdiction, investigation, prosecution, detention, and regional cooperation as core areas of intervention to prevent and counter serious organised crime and terrorism in the maritime domain. 

The EU and UNODC have a long-standing operational partnership on maritime crime and piracy. The joint project portfolio has seen important growth since 2018, including cooperation in the East and West Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and Red Sea, and Atlantic Ocean.  

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Port Security and Safety of Navigation in Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean

PASSMAR Résultat 2. Les cadres législatifs et règlementaires maritimes nationaux sont adoptés et la mise en œuvre des lois renforcée

Laws, policies, MoAs for prosecution and adjudication of maritime crimes are developed, strengthened, adopted - SWAIMS

Launched in 2020, the multi-agency Port Security and Safety of Navigation project aims to promote and strengthen port security and maritime safety management systems in ports within the East African, Southern African and Indian Ocean Region.

PASSMAR has worked since 2019 to reinforce safety and security in the maritime domain in the Gulf of Guinea. UNODC focuses on strengthening the capacity of the judicial systems of ECCAS member states to support the implementation of the Kinshasa Protocol of 2009. 

SWAIMS seeks since 2019 to improve maritime security and safety in the Gulf of Guinea in the ECOWAS Region through strengthened governance and law enforcement frameworks and more successful adjudication of maritime crimes at regional and national levels.