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The UNODC Liaison Office in Brussels (BRULO) is a strategic presence in Brussels responsible for relations with the EU, NATO, WCO and the Government of Belgium. The Office is tasked with promoting a better understanding of UNODC mandates to all institutions including think tanks, NGOs, associations, universities and the general public in Belgium to enhance cooperation and develop joint ventures including with the Brussels based UN agencies, through policy dialogues, advocacy and resource mobilization. In addition, the Office provides support to UNODC Headquarters in Vienna and the Field Office network in 86 Countries globally in their relationships with the Brussels based institutions.


The Global UNODC Strategy 2021-2025

UNODC’s mission is to contribute to global peace and security, human rights and development by making the world safer from drugs, crime, corruption and terrorism.

This Strategy for the next five years will equip UNODC to deliver effectively, efficiently and with accountability, elevating our support to Member States to build just, inclusive and resilient societies that leave no one behind.

UNODC’s Strategic Vision for Africa 2030

UNODC’s mission is to provide more safety to Africa’s people, government and institutions from drugs, crime, corruption, terrorism and illicit financial flows.

Our Vision 2030 seeks to strengthen crime prevention, enhance justice, address organized crime, ensure a balanced response to drugs, improve the rule of law and bolster resilience in the region.

UNODC’s Strategic Vision for Latin America 2022-2025 

UNODC is presenting its Strategic Vision for Latin America and the Caribbean 2022-2025, a dynamic and diverse region with enormous promise and a leading voice in the international policy arena.

The Strategic Vision will support the countries of the region in strengthening responses to prevent and tackle organized crime, drugs and corruption.


Conflict in Ukraine: Key evidence on drug demand and supply
Conflict in Ukraine: Key evidence on risks of trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants


  • 12 August 2023:  International Youth Day

  • 11-12 September 2023: UNTOC WG on International Cooperation

  • 28 September 2023: World Maritime Day

  • 2-9 October 2023: UNTOC WGs on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling