Support to ECOWAS regional action plan on illicit drug trafficking, related organised crime and drug abuse

in West Africa


Project duration: January 2015 - October 2019

EC Contribution: €11.702.404



The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a reduction of drug abuse, illicit drug trafficking and related organized crime in West Africa through the implementation of the ECOWAS Regional Action Plan to address the growing problem of illicit drug trafficking, organized crime and drug abuse in West Africa (2008-2014, as well as the new Action Plan 2015-2019). To achieve this objective, UNODC will conduct activities in the areas of drug abuse prevention and drug dependence treatment, legislative development, forensics, and drug law enforcement. A project management structure will be established in Dakar (Senegal) and Abuja (Nigeria) in order to build the capacity of ECOWAS member States and Mauritania over the 46-month implementation period and to work closely with ECOWAS.


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Regional Office for West and Central Africa in Senegal

Cheikh Toure

Programme Coordinator ECOWAS