Upgrading Karamah Border Crossing Point: Improved Access to Economic Development and Enhanced Stability


PROJECT DURATION: June 2018 - December 2019      


LOCATION: Jordan's Eastern Boundary with Iraq


  IOM    UNODC   


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the economic recovery and stability of Jordan and the region while ensuring that security risks are mitigated in cross border movements of goods and people. It has two complementary specific objectives: (a) to ensure that Karamah Border Crossing Point (BCP) reaches its full operational commercial and passengers' capacity; and (b) to ensure that efficient, effective and coordinated search and profiling techniques of people and goods are applied at Karamah BCP.

The expected outputs to achieve the objectives mentioned above are defined by the following activities:

Output 1.1. Karamah BCP infrastructures are upgraded and equipped with necessary operational equipment for efficient passenger and cargo inspection, management and control.


  • Identify the contractor/s and vendor/s that will implement the refurbishing/construction works and provide the equipment;
  • Procure, deliver and install the equipment and furniture at BCP;


Output 1.2. IT tools, software and information systems are upgraded for effective risk management, information security and speed clearance time.


  • Implement training on information security (infosec) to border officers responsible for the IT component at the BCP;
  • Assist in the establishment of a database for the PCU on statistics and case management;


Output 2.1. Technical and operational capacities of Jordanian and Iraqi first and second line law enforcement officials based at the BCP, to detect and intercept transnational crime, trafficking of goods or persons, incl. terrorist cross-border movements, are strengthened.


  • Implement four trainings on IBM related to passenger control for Jordanian and Iraqi border officers;
  • Undertake a study visit for Jordanian and Iraqi officials to a Border Crossing Point abroad that is fully implementing the principles of the CCP;


Output 2.2. Coordination structures at the BCP among Jordanian and Iraqi law enforcement agencies; and private sector companies, are enhanced.


  • Conduct an assessment of the cargo management at BCP, including recommendations for the way forward;
  • Establish focal points at the Jordanian and Iraqi sides for bilateral cooperation on cargo control at the BCP;


The target groups of the action are mainly the Jordanian and Iraqi border and migration-related authorities while the final beneficiaries are the governments of Jordan and Iraq; EU member states and countries in the region; refugees and migrants; regular travelers; trade companies; and local communities in Mafraq and Anbar. 

The action is going to be implemented by the International Organization of Migrations and UNODC and they will work closely with the Jordanian authorities currently in charge of border management for the control of passengers and the Customs and the PSD Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) for cargo control. IOM and UNODC will facilitate the dialogue among the different departments participating in border management while respecting the current structure at the BCP. 



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