Show your teenagers the big picture with UNODCs unique comics and games
April 6, 2020

Show your teenagers the big picture with UNODC's unique comics and games

When Belen and her brother Tiago excitedly unwrapped the fancy drone they had ordered, they never imagined they were about to learn that life in the beautiful island of San Servolo was not quite what it seemed. A cry for help, hidden in the packaging, would set them on a brave quest to understand and confront the ravages of human trafficking and migrant smuggling affecting their society, unbeknownst to anyone. They decide to take matters into their own hands, setting in motion a sequence of events that would change life as they knew it in a country which believed it had already eradicated crime. So begins the immensely engaging comic book series San Servolo, enticing teenagers around the world to think about big issues they had never considered before, and to reassess their understanding of - and their role in - just and peaceful societies.

Access to Justice in Times of Judicial Lockdown
March 31, 2020

Access to Justice in Times of Judicial Lockdown

The terrible time we are living in with the coronavirus pandemic poses arduous challenges for those who work in the judicial system. The worldwide extent of the Covid-19 crisis has confronted us, again in our history, with the eternal fragility of humanity.

The International Association of Judges (IAJ) represents associations of 92 countries from five continents. The global dimension of our organization implies a particular obligation to reiterate the grave duties of judges in relation to this pandemic.

As universities move to online teaching, UNODC's rule of law modules will enrich any curriculum
March 24, 2020

As universities move to online teaching, UNODC's rule of law modules will enrich any curriculum

The fast spread of the corona virus around the world has already changed much in the way we lead our daily lives, leading both the public and the private sector to look for working solutions to handle this new situation. With social distancing having become a necessity, the education sector was one of the first forced to take action and to adapt current material, testing options for online teaching.

Relying on trusted sources for information and reassurance becomes essential in times of uncertainty; as society seeks guidance, it turns to the experts in their various fields who have a proven record of reliability. This of course includes the United Nations family, which has always worked with a long-term vision to achieve its numerous goals for the benefit of all.

Judicial Immunities Promote Fair and Impartial Judgments
March 23, 2020

Judicial Immunities Promote Fair and Impartial Judgments 

Judicial immunity has  always  been a  highly relevant  issue  for judges around the world. In recent years,  however,  judicial immunity has become an even more crucial, even existential ,   question  for judges in many countries . 

March 11, 2020

"Society may judge what we did, but it cannot judge what we will become": Providing a new chance to female prisoners in Indonesia

"It's difficult when you're in prison. Different people face different challenges, but for me, the toughest has been not being able to see my sons who live far away from here." 43-year-old Lina has been in prison for several years but as she nears the end of her sentence in a few short months she is upbeat about returning home. "Often the only thing I, and the others I'm imprisoned with, know is crime - but now I am leaving with options." Indeed, thanks to rehabilitation and reintegration projects such as those instituted by UNODC, Lina and her fellow inmates have hope for a new chance.